Saturday Book Showcase: Betwixt

Saturday Book Showcase: Betwixt

by Melissa Pearl
4.7 average rating from 71 reviews
Word count: 62,600

Beautiful, wild-child Nicole Tepper is hit by a car and left for dead. But when she wakes the next morning, Nicole finds herself in bed without a scratch. Perhaps she was more intoxicated than usual, as her mother is giving her the silent treatment and her friends are ignoring her as well.

Things take a turn for the…

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2014 Whistler Writers Festival

2014 Whistler Writers Festival

whistler writers festival logoThe 2014 Whistler Writers Festival, presented by the Whistler Writers Group, will run from Friday, October 17 through Sunday, October 19, 2014. It includes workshops, reading events, and more. Event tickets are available individually, including Workshop 1: The A to Z of Self-Publishing with Martin Crosbie which runs all day October 17.

For more information on the Festival, please visit their site.

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Getting Inspired by… Ray Bradbury

Getting Inspired by… Ray Bradbury

i sing the body electric by ray bradburyFinding something that inspires you to write can be easy or difficult. It can come screaming out of left field like a foul ball, or worse, hit you at the most awkward of times like driving the car. My inspiration tends to pick awful times to invade my brain. It’s usually in the middle of the night. Yes, I’m sure you’re nodding in agreement. We’ve all lost a lot of sleep in this profession.


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September Releases

Just in time for some cozy Fall reading, here are some hot new books to read while snuggled up under your favorite blankie.

The Transition of Johnny Swift - 120x177The Transition of Johnny Swift by Kerry J. Donovan

When Frank Brazier wakes in hospital a voice tells him to save his sister, but he’s blind, injured, and nobody believes him. What can he do?

The Transition of Johnny Swift is available from and Amazon UK.

Kidnapping in Kauai 120x177Kidnap…

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Featured Book: Profile of Evil

Featured Book: Profile of Evil

Profile of Evil by Alexa GraceProfile of Evil
by Alexa Grace
4.6 average star rating from 244 reviews
Available from Amazon

The online world can be a dangerous place for kids whose parents are unaware of their activities, especially when a vicious serial killer is on the rampage. As the body count escalates, the pressure is on for Sheriff Brody Chase and former FBI profiler Carly Smith to stop the terror.


“You need to…

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Choices for Publishing: eBooks, Part 2

Choices for Publishing: eBooks, Part 2

publish buttonLast week, we talked about publishing your ebook by uploading your file to a distributorsuch as Smashwords or Draft 2 Digital. There are valid arguments for letting a distributor do the job for you. For one thing, you only have to upload to one place (well, two places – more on that in a sec), which means that you only have to prep one electronic version of your book. And when you need to correct…

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Book Brief: If Mistakes Could Fly, You’d Be a Superhero

Book Brief: If Mistakes Could Fly, You’d Be a Superhero

if_mistakes_could_fly_book_front4_thu (3)If Mistakes Could Fly, You’d Be a Superhero
by Kenyon Ledford
Genre: Parody Flash Fiction Collection
Word count: 8,500

The city is crying out for help. Private Eye Jonny Gonzo and Police Sergeant Joe Bidwell have arrived to help. Okay, so now the city is crying out for a superhero, instead. Up, up, and away, Money Man is on the way! Geez, people wonder why there is so much urban flight. This book…

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Goodreads Spring-fest

Advertising on Goodreads is inexpensive and, frankly, fun. Looking at all those statistics on my ads makes me happy. What, you’re not advertising there? Our Melinda Clayton will show you how to advertise with Goodreads. Meanwhile, how about we stir things up with a Goodreads like-fest?

Today you can share your author page and find new friends. For your profile, grab that URL which should look…

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Pacing…in Writing…Is…Everything

Pacing…in Writing…Is…Everything

stopwatch Image from free imagesPacing in writing is essential. It can make a story or break it. Good pacing can tune a good story into a masterpiece, or bad pacing can reduce it to caterwauls.

Some months back, I read a new book by an author I like. I expected good things. Unfortunately, the pacing of the story left me frustrated and just anxious to get the durn thing over with. The protagonist, an investigator, was frequently…

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Book Brief: Lost and Found

Book Brief: Lost and Found

Lost and FoundLost and Found
by Mike Power
Genre: Literary Fiction
Word count: 90,000

When Alan Graves wakes one morning in his Manhattan apartment to a cat stepping on his testicles, he assumes his day can only get better from there. It’s an incorrect assumption. A series of wrenching experiences, from losing his job to getting hit by a bus, throw Alan down the rabbit hole of life where he finds the only thing…

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