Why We Write: Validation and Satisfaction

Why We Write: Validation and Satisfaction

rainbowI got to thinking about why we writers write. Why we publish. I was actually watching golf. I know, most people would rather watch paint dry. Bear with me. Jim Furyk, a compatriot Arizona golfer, has played twenty tournaments this year, and has been in the top 25 a total of seventeen times. Ten of those times he’s finished in the top 10, and he’s had three 2nd place finishes, but he has not won…

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Book Brief: Mortom

Mortom Erik ThermeMortom
by Erik Therme
Genre: Mystery
Word count: 70,000

Mortom: population 986.

On the outskirts of town, 33-year-old Craig Moore is found drowned in the lake. A loner and town eccentric, few attend the funeral.

One week later Andy Crowl arrives in Mortom, still stunned by his cousin’s death and equally confused why everything was left to him. The two hadn’t spoken in years and shared little…

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How to Use Thunderclap and HeadTalker For Book Promotion

How to Use Thunderclap and HeadTalker For Book Promotion

Screen shot 2014-10-04 at 3.47.40 PMUnless you’ve been busier than Kanye West’s damage control team, you might have noticed indie authors using various crowdfunding ventures like Kickstarter to raise the scratch to produce their books. Ask people what they think about the practice and you’re bound to start an argument, usually about the money. But what if you could engineer a crowdfunding effort that uses a different sort of…

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Do You Know How Others See Your Writing?

Do You Know How Others See Your Writing?

disparity is evilDisparity — defined as the lack of agreement between internal perceptions with external behavior. So what does that have to do with writing? Simply put, what we think about our writing is always different from the public’s perception. There’s a huge gap in what we see in our writing and what others see in it.

“So what, of course there’s a huge difference.”

Sometimes that difference can be bad, as…

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Three Years and Going Strong

Three Years and Going Strong

one million page viewsThree years ago today, the Evil Mastermind launched Indies Unlimited. Since then, we’ve had over one MILLION page views, been named as one of Six Great Blogs for Indie Authors in Publishers Weekly, and ranked as one of the top writing-related sites by Alexa.

We have evolved greatly since those early days, but never lost sight of providing free, high-quality content for independent publishers and…

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Book Brief: Illuminosity

ILLUMINOSITY UI ImageILLUMINOSITY (Transcender Trilogy book 3)
by Vicky Savage
Genre: Science Fiction
157,000 words

Jaden Beckett has a secret unknown to those in her adopted homeland of Domerica: she’s a Transcender, capable of traveling among parallel worlds at will. When the powerful Inter-Universal Guidance Agency’s sophisticated computer models predict that Jaden will eventually cause the downfall of that agency,…

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Saturday Book Showcase | Sunstrike: The Journey Home

Saturday Book Showcase | Sunstrike: The Journey Home

SunstrikeSunstrike: The Journey Home
by Bev Robitai
3.8 average rating from 5 reviews
353 pages

Bradley Brown knows how to make the most of life. At 22, he is living the dream working as a dive instructor at a luxury resort in Bali. But his carefree lifestyle ends when the island’s electricity goes dead. After several days it becomes apparent this is no ordinary power outage. A massive solar storm has…

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The Baltimore Review Fall Submissions

The Baltimore Review Fall Submissions

The Baltimore Review seeks short fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry for publication in their winter and summer issues. Guidelines vary by category.

Prizes:  Web exposure and a copy of the collection in which the author’s work appears.

Reading fee: None.

Deadline is November 30, 2014. For more information, please visit their website.

Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest…

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