Book Brief: Mazie Baby

Book Brief: Mazie Baby

Mazie BabyMazie Baby
by Julie Frayn
Genre: Literary Fiction/Women’s Fiction
Word count: 76,000

Mazie Reynolds has moxie from the top of her bruised face to the tip of her broken wrist. She married a man she adored, and who adored her in return. But over fourteen years, her happy marriage soured with each new beating.

When his attentions shift to their twelve-year-old daughter, Mazie knows it’s time to get the…

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Copyrights and Copywrongs

Copyright logoI recently had the opportunity to ask Jared Spiegel, a New York based attorney with the firm Bowles Lutzer & Newman LLP, some of the most common copyright questions faced by authors. Many thanks to Mr. Spiegel for offering his time and expertise.

Indies Unlimited and Mr. Spiegel want to make it clear this information is not provided in the course of an attorney-client relationship and is not…

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Featured Service:

BookTweeters LogoJust publishing your book isn’t enough… you need to promote it. Whether you are running a promotion for your book, making it free or lowering the price, or your book is at its normal price, is here to help you promote your book.

For the past several months, we have worked hard, connecting with authors and readers on Twitter across 5 different accounts, to grow our network of…

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Interviews by Lynne CantwellI keep seeing these ads on Facebook, enticing me to make an app, and I keep thinking it might be kind of cool to be one. Wouldn’t it be neat for my fans to be able to pull me up on their smartphones, so they can tell all their friends about me?

But the app builders I’ve seen all seem to be aimed at brick-and-mortar businesses, or else they want to include just a bio and a list of your books. And…

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Get Off Your Duff! 8 Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Motivation

Get Off Your Duff! 8 Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Motivation

Donna FasanoEven the King of Just-Do-It, Tony Robbins, must have days where he feels unmotivated. It’s only natural to find yourself in a slump, every now and then — suffering through days where you just don’t feel like doing anything productive. If you find yourself feeling this way, take heart. You’re not alone. I’ve felt the same way. I have found that, if I allow one day to pass where I don’t write, it…

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July Video Trailer View-fest

July Video Trailer View-fest

YouTube_FINALAll those new Summer book releases – and we love it when they have book trailers, right? Wait – yours doesn’t have a trailer yet? Well goodness! Recently, we ran a post about how to make your own free trailer. Check it out, then come back here and post a link to ONE of your video trailers below so we can show it some love!

And don’t forget, you can vote for the July Video Trailer of the Month.…

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Consider the Criticism

Photo by Melissa Bowersock

Photo by Melissa Bowersock

Nobody likes getting criticism, at least nobody I know. It’s painful. It’s debilitating. It’s confidence-destroying.

I think it’s pretty normal to want to dismiss criticism out of hand. Bah, what do they know? They haven’t published 10 books. They haven’t been in this business for over 30 years.

The other alternative is to take it all together as a soul-crushing package…

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How to Make an eBook Cover in Publisher

How to Make an eBook Cover in Publisher

publisher logoMaking a book cover in Microsoft Publisher is extremely easy. If you don’t have MS Publisher, I’m sorry, I don’t really know any comparable alternatives in freeware or on Macs. (If you know of one, please feel free to let us know, and if you’d like to write a guest post about it – even better!) I’ve been using Publisher for a ridiculously long time, and that’s what works for me.

There are so many…

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What One Persistent Bird Taught Me about Book Promotion

What One Persistent Bird Taught Me about Book Promotion

Cardinal_2Some of you might know that for what seems like the last three months, a male cardinal has been smashing into my kitchen windows. Repeatedly. When he’s not hurling his tiny body against the glass, he’s staring up at us, glowering, as if we should do something about his problem. Or at least make him some coffee. We have named him Napoleon. I’ve tried every remedy friends have suggested to get him…

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The Twitter Twelve

twitter-birdThe amount of time we spend on social media can be daunting. With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so much more, it’s nearly impossible to get in, get out and get on with what you’re really supposed to be doing.

Twitter is an integral part of most of our social media strategies; however, like the other platforms, it’s easy to get caught up in the “social” aspect of the platform. Try this…

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